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3000 different beverage items on 2400 m ² storage space in Nöstl/Weiz (Austria)

EXPERT24: Seven in one sweep!

On the 1st of March 2009 our unique shop-portal went online: EXPERT24 offers seven highly specialized online-shops with a wide range of valuable liquors and vines for connoisseurs, hobby-experts and gastronomy professionals.

As unusual the concept of the shop is, as solid is the footing of EXPERT24: With our "Getränkemarkt Reisenhofer", situated in Nöstl/Weiz (Austria) we provide the local region with a wide range of beverages for more than 30 years now. Today we are shipping valuable drinks nearly all over the world.

Our professional range of beverages, an excellent value for money and our reliable delivery service have made us become an international hotspot for drinks in a very short time.

EXPERT24 Geschäftsführer Mario Reisenhofer

In our seven integrated online-shops we have over 3000 different products from countries all over the world in stock. So EXPERT24 is one of the largest online-portals for all friends of fine liquors and high-quality wines.

In addition to the simple logic and clarity of the shopping system, we place great value in an excellent price-performance ratio. Best prices and a top range of products are our secrets of success. See for yourself: We invite you, to experience our unique range on EXPERT24.at!

Mario Reisenhofer
Managing Director Reisenhofer Getränke GmbH

The Reisenhofer Beverage Company

Since the founding of the Reisenhofer beverage trading company in 1977, our company grew steadily and now covers next to the retail also the wholesale and online market all over Europe. With the online shops EXPERT24.com and BIGSPIRITS.com our team offers both clients from the private sector and other commercial and business partners the largest selection of beverages in the industry processed in professional online stores.

The story so far...

The full story of EXPERT24 and the beverage dynasty Reisenhofer started with the idea of Rudolf Reisenhofer, a bank employee at that time, to revolutionize the regional supply of drinks in his home region. How dare the founding father over 30 years ago to step into the beverage industry and became an independent beverage distributor. „The beverage service Reisenhofer“ in 1977 was the first gate into the large world of beverages.

1982: The first "beverage market" is born! :-)

The company was led from the start as a family business and as the timing and location were well chosen, nothing could stop the success of the small beverage market with its delivery service for events and catering establishments. Soon the first shop became too small and so in 1982 a new beverage market was built just on the other side of the road. The fleet, the service and the product range was expanded and the expansion continued.

1987: Bigger stocks, bigger plans...

In 1987 a large warehouse was added to the beverage market and the number of employees was increased to 10. The famosity went beyond the regional boundaries, also due to selforganized events on the operating location („Reisenhofer Kirta “).

2002: beverage shopping in the new millenium

To meet the high demands of customers with varied demands on the range and quality of shopping, it was necessary to raise the bar even higher. So in 2002 the old beverage market was grounded and at the same location one of the most modern and most exciting beverage markets of Austria was built. On over 600 m² sales area with an integrated wine store (100 m²) and a destillate store more than 6000 different items are offered now to the customers. There is no compromise on quality and brands. From the beginning the prices were maintained constantly very low and therefore the good cost-benefit ratio was the most important factor for the constantly growing number of the regular customers.

Online-shops since 2003

The era of online shops began in 2003. With hochprozentig.cc, feinsteweine.com and coool.cc three specialist shops have been put on the web that offered the right products for liquour fans, wine lovers and just cooole types. The crush at the online shops exceeded all expectations. The rush to the online stores exceeded all expectations. At the same time, the call for truly exotic products, rare and hard to find specialties was getting louder.

It was clear to see that the online customers place great emphasis on low prices, perfect service and high professional competence. So now a new idea had to be born in this area, which has not yet been implemented in the online market to date. In 2009 it was finally time: „EXPERT24“ was our new baby! : -)