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Sparkling Wines

The foundation for sparkling wine is a base wine with a certain residual sugar content.
This is subjected to a second fermentation with special strains from post-fermentation yeast, which increases the alcohol content.

Different methods such as bottle fermentation (classic method) and transvasier method or large-scale fermentation can be used for the production.

This category includes sparkling wine, champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco and sparkling wine beverages.

The bottle fermentation is specified for the production of champagne. 24g sugar per litre and yeast are filled into the bottle and fermented again.

The dead yeast settles in the bottle and a mechanically controlled clarification process (remuage) is carried out on vibrating consoles.

The freezing of the bottle neck, which is then separated, is called disgorging.

During this step, part of the sparkling wine is lost, which is why wine and sugar (shipping dosage) are subsequently refilled.

Pressure is generated again in the bottle and generates the typical bang when the bottle is opened.

These are wines which are given a tangy note by means of carbonic acid. They have names such as "Frizzante" in Italy,...

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